At ZEN SUP we can´t guarantee that the team that plays together, stays together, but we can guarantee that we will do our level best to support your team members to work together in setting a goal and reaching it effectively, together.
SUPing together becomes the ultimate metaphor for successful team building and cooperation in the workplace. While SUPing together on a Maxi Board your team find as a natural byproduct balance and harmony, understanding and appreciation of the individual strengths and weaknesses of the team members. On such a board the fine tuning required is such that nobody is higher or lower than anybody else but need to find the subtle point of everybody moving as one whole committed to a unified goal. Finally we get to patiently and persistently work as a team, to bring the `ship` home safely and successfully together. In this effect everybody wins, the team itself, the individuals and the company.

Starting at low or high tide on Faro Island or Faro City.
You will be informed of the exact time of meeting and the exact location in advance of the date of your SUP outing with us.
What you get
– 2h water time on a NAISH MAXI BOARD or normal boards
– briefing for safety on the water and If necessary to the SUP technique
– guidance and accompaniment by a SUP instructor all time on the beach and on the water
– max 1: 6
– highest standard of NAISH SUP equipment
– life jacket and rash vest
– wetsuit in XS-L, if required or necessary
– Transport back to departure point, if necessary due to wind What you pay for what you get
What you pay for what you get
– Outing on a NAISH Maxi Board for 6 persons € 200
– Outing on a Single Board for 8+persons € 30 p.P.
If you want more
– Photo service € 20 per group

Contact us for details →

Fon: +351 936 735 778

Please bring suitable clothing including swim/beach wear, towel, hat/cap, sun protection and drinking water. Please read the waiver form (click here) online.

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