ZEN SUP Tour Caves of Benagil

The last day of April 2015 marked ZEN SUP´s first visit to the infamous caves at Benagil, Algarve, Portugal.

There was a feeling of great excitement in the air as the five strong team made their way to the hide away beach at Benagil. As we arrived scores of enthusiastic sightseers were lining up to board the boats which would take them on a tour of these spectacular coastal caves.

We at ZEN SUP had the good fortune to be a group of experienced paddlers, as one would need to be to make such a visit. And also on board was Luna, our amazing dog, who showed exemplary courage and tenacity during the several hours of our tour. Which has to said was less than ideal conditions for a gentle hund who likes more the still waters of the Ria Formosa.

The weather conditions were mostly favourable for our early morning paddle. The sky was its usual Algarvian blue and the wind was a moderate westerly blowing about 10-12 knots, gusting up to 18 knots. On the first leg of our journey the sea conditions were perfect but showing signs of deteriorating later.

As we paddle west and negotiated the westerly Atlantic swell we found ourselves travelling backwards in time and in awe of this vast rugged landscape. Chiseled by the hand of the ultimate Craftsperson and testimony to the unrelenting power of the ocean.

After some time of enjoying the otherworldly nature of these coastal features we journeyed back east towards past the point of our departure to visit what could be referred to as the crowing glory of these caves. The spectacular cave of Benagil itself.

Opening to the Atlantic swell through two impressing arches, allowing for a welcome landing upon it´s white sandy beach. The domed vaulted roof of this majestic citadel of the Ocean could surely relate many tales of eager tourists, seafarers and tourists all looking to share in it´s grandeur.

We at ZEN SUP are very grateful to live in a location that affords us breath-taking beauty and wonder. And we trust that from the photo record of our visit to the caves that you too will get a taste of this wonderful world of nature´s artwork.

Special thanks to Heike, Roger, Timm, Kevin and, of course, Luna who made this first visit to Benagil an unforgettable experience.


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