ZEN SUP & The Guadiana Challenge 2016

Another year, another Guadiana Challenge.

The event this year on April 2nd saw 64 seasoned SUPers take on the 32km task of navigating the powerful Guadiana River of Portugal and Spain. Setting out from Mertola and arriving later in Alcoutim. Many congratulations, albeit belated, to Algarve SUP and founder Nick Robinson on the organisation of a truly spectacular event this year.

ZEN SUP would also like to congratulate their own team rider Nuno Caetano on his successful completion of the event. Despite being the only member of the ZEN SUP team to be up to the challenge this year, we are very happy to commend him on his solo effort and his overall performance and dedication.

This is Nuno´s second distance event to complete in the last 12 months, in September last year he successfully completed the Crossing of the Tejo in Lisboa, a distance of 15km.


ZEN SUP is looking forward to participating in many such events in the future.12992021_10206393489382834_1657400658_o 13016429_10206393489862846_1980107433_o 12986636_10206393489902847_941635064_o

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