ZEN SUP Classic Car Collection- VW 181

We are very proud to include in our collection the unmistakable VW 181. Manufactured in by Volkswagen in Wolfsburg & Hannover, Germany between 1968 and 1983. Originally designed for military use but was later made available to the public.

Sharing much of it´s mechanics with the infamous Type 1 VW Beetle including it´s rear mounted 1300cc H4 engine, renowned for it´s longevity and reliability, the 181 was practically built to run forever.

A highly durable, low maintenance, two wheel drive, four door convertible with its´s off road capabilities made it an ideal vehicle for rough and tumble use. Hence when we at ZEN SUP first set eyes on the VW 181 we took an immediate like to the vehicle and knew that we had to include it here in our collection.

Super car to get you and your Stand Up Paddle Boards to the beach, the rivers, the mountain lakes, the city, wherever!!! An all round joy to drive.

We would like to express our appreciation to Carmen, Filipe and all the team at Lacocar, Faro who very graciously supported us in achieving this version of our Classic Car Post.

We hope you enjoy.

Wishing you happy motoring and happy SUPing.

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