ZEN SUP at Boca de Inferno, Cascais, Portugal

As the ASI Instructors Course came to a close in Cascais ZEN SUP took to the tranquil Atlantic waters to discover the Boca de Inferno (Mouth of Hell), a famous tourist attraction in the region.

This journey heralded the visit of our good friend Timm Kruse from Germany, and now the proud owner of a Naish One 12´6.

The sea and sun conditions couldn´t have been kinder to us on this our first SUP trip along this beautiful coastline. Early morning, bright sunshine, gentle breeze and northerly swell. For a paddler, absolutely perfect.

As we rounded the headland, the fetch into the Mouth of Hell became clearer and we quickly realized that entering this chasm might not have been as foregone a conclusion as one might have thought. The gentle swell turned into a swirling monster as we approached it´s gaping jaws etched from the gnarled rock. On any other day one could bear witness to another worldly power eminating from this beast.

However, on this day, these two home boys declined the invitation to enter through the Jaws of Hell.

We trust you enjoy the photos of our tour and let you judge for your self if you would have the courage to enter into the interior sancturm of the Boca de Inferno.

Thank you Timm for sharing in this paddling wonderful experience.
Cascais, Portugal.


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