Yoga & SUP Spotting with ZEN SUP & Algarve Yoga Spot

On the 19th September 2015 a truly beautiful event was created by the fusion of two great traditions, Yoga and SUP and two great exponents of health and wellbeing, Algarve Yoga Spot and ZEN SUP.

Both traditions may originate in two very different parts of the world and may seem like the most unlikely bedfellows. But nothing could be further from the truth particularly when you consider how many people are discovering the added joys and benefits of taking Yoga “Off the Land and Onto the Water”.

The life enhancing aspects of yoga are legendary and for many years now have been bringing an improved quality of life to so many people the world over. From improved flexibility to a renewed sense of wellbeing, from relieving stress to playing a major role in curing illness. Yoga has it all. The benefits of yoga are beyond question.

The benefits of SUP are still in the early days of discovery however SUP is now being hailed as one of the best full body workout´s available to us. And what´s more we get to enjoy the wide open spaces as we paddle.

The coming together of these two activities gives you an added sense of freedom, mobility, balance and integration like never before.

Bring to mind all the elements of your yoga practice: relaxation, stretching, awakening, deepening awareness, expansion of life (known as pranayama), balance, harmony, meditation. Now add to these the elements of water, pure air, sounds of nature and the great outdoors.

Thanks to ZEN SUP and Algarve Yoga Spot all of this is now available to you right here in the Algarve.

For more details please visit our website at www.zen-sup.com or visit: www.algarveyogaspot.com







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