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At ZEN SUP we recently took our SUP activities to a whole new level. And not just for fun but in a genuine effort to help the environment, marine life, and to clean up some very neglected parts of our local beaches. For ZEN SUP this marked the realization of a dream and hopefully the coming in being of a regular event. On the last Saturday afternoon of February 2017 The ZEN SUP Clean Beach Campaign was born.

An eight strong team of Stand Up Paddlers and environmental and nature lovers from several nationalities including Ireland, Germany, England, Holland and Portugal came together to join ZEN SUP in their first ever Clean Beach Campaign on the Ria Formosa at Faro.

It was a mostly cloudy afternoon and the air was filled with joyful expectation as the group got under way on their SUP boards from the bridge at Faro Island to head in the direction of Quinta do Lago. After a short paddle westwards the team beached the boards and the equipment and began the work of gathering up their mostly plastic based cargo from the sand dunes and waterline over a stretch of no more than 100 meters.

After about a half hour or three quarters of collecting plastic and other debris it became obvious that the team were seriously under equipped in terms of dealing with the huge amount of plastic they encountered there on the Ria. It was way beyond what they expected to find there.

While there is no exact weight of what the team collected in the short time there on the Ria it's suffice to say that enough plastic was gathered to fill a fishing net that measured approximately 3m x 1m x 1m, that's a lot of plastic that will never again destroy the beach or be ingested by any marine animal or creature.

After a satisfying lunch together at the beach the team set off home contented with their efforts and resolving among themselves to return on subsequent occasions with more help and more resources to continue the essential work of clearing up this national and natural treasure of the Ria Formosa.

If you would like to learn the wonderful activity of Stand Up Paddle while caring for the environment and the marine life in our local area then please reserve your place for the ZEN SUP Clean Beach outing by contacting  ZEN SUP directly.

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In closing ZEN SUP would like to say a very special thanks to all those involve in helping to bring this momentous event in begin and are looking forward to having you join us again on the next ZEN SUP Clean Beach Campaign.

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