The ZEN SUP Classic Car Collection- VW BETTLE

VW Beettle

Classic cars come and classic cars go but some go on forever. And indeed that couldn't be more the case than with this edition.

Recognisable anywhere by it´s shape, it´s style and it´s classic engine sound. A head turner if there ever was one. An out and out favourite the world over and probably one of the most sought after cars of all time.

As the expanding road network in German reached fever pitch in the 1930´s so too did the demand for a car that was functional and economical to run. And so the “People´s Car” was born.

The VW Beetle, if any more need be said, was officially known as the VW Type 1 or in German the Volkswagen Kafer. Manufactured by the VW corporation from 1938 until 2003. During which time an incredible number in excess of 21.5 million models were produced making the Beetle the longest running and most manufactured car ever made.

This two door, four seater classic quickly became the car of choice for the German family. Only later to become an iconic cult car classic that ever discerning car collector had have in his or her collection.

With it´s rear mounted engine ranging in size between 1100 and 1600cc, the original engine was only 25hp but was later boosted to 40hp which became the “classic” Volkswagen engine. Other spec include a convertible option and an automatic gearbox.

Design trends would inevitably move on and as they did the more popular front wheel drive cars would begin to dominate the market. Models like the Citroen 2CV introduced in 1948 started the trend. And of course VW would be compelled to follow suit and soon the successor to the classic Beetle would arrive in the shape of the VW Golf.

At ZEN SUP we are very proud to have in our Classic Car Collection this VW Beauty from the tyre company Quali Pneus in Loule. Built in 1974 it has a 1300cc engine and on it´s red body it displays a line of decals from a disassembled engine. Looks very smart indeed.

We say a big thank you to Sr. Marcos, Samuel and all the team at Quali Pneus.

See you next time round where the world of Classic Cars meets the world of Stand Up Paddle.

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