Sunset Tour 1st May on the Ria Formosa

“A miraculous play of colours at sunset, the stillness of the day that fades, an embrace of the arise of night. Fish abound on golden pond, lights of Faro paint in lines abstract, the Ria falls into slumber”.

Yet another peaceful and meditative sunset tour with ZEN SUP brings joy and wonder to the hearts of all participants. Precious and wondrous moments stand perfectly still in this place, a virtual slipping between the two worlds of night and day. That´s the Ria Formosa by night. And as the setting sun receded our homeward journey was illuminated by the fullness of the slivery moon rising high in the night sky.

There are no words to describe such an experience, all that´s left is a feeling of gratitude and amazement at the magnificence and the beauty of nature.

Why not join us on the next sunset or full moon tour? It´s an experience you will cherish for a lifetime.

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