SUP of Peace on Strawberry Moon – 21st June 2016

Summer 2016 at ZEN SUP brought us a very special gift. A very auspicious full moon tour to the legendary Cave of Benagil, one of the much visited gems of the Algarve coastline here in Portugal. But alas few would have been bestowed such a gift as we were on this night of magic and wonder.

A rare and mystical coincidence when the summer solstice and the amber tinted moon combine. The event became aptly named the "Strawberry Moon". A majestical, celestial dance that occurs only once every 49 years. And in Benagil that night it was uniquely ours for the cherishing.

This fusion last happened in 1967 and as a result became affectionally known as the "summer of love" when hippies the world over gathered at many different locations to demonstrated against the injustice and insanity of war.

With hearts filled with gratitude and hope and a little trepidation a four strong team of ZEN SUP "hippies", plus the every willing and ever courageous Luna, set about having a unique and life transforming experience at this breath taking location on this night of year´s longest day.

Inside the cave as the pastel shades of the setting sun in the west gave way to a profound and eery darkness. The pounding and echoing of the waves crashing against the cathedral walls of this mighty structure brought us to an abrupt and speedy realisation of the awesome power of nature and the charm of the night that was descending.

Outside the cave as the silvery goddess of the night rose high in the sky she cast a lustrous, shimmering corridor of light across the inky blackness of the Atlantic waters and the star studded sky above.  Almost a beckoning to us to enter into another world and to experience another version of ourselves.

After the event we left in silence and with a sense of reverie that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. We all felt deeply honoured and very, very blessed to have had this once in a lifetime experience together.

We wish for a peace descending over the minds and hearts of all humanity that will uplift and inspire us all as we enter the next 49 year cycle to the coming of the next Strawberry Moon.

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