Stand Up Padddle with Dolphins in Algarve

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to encounter a pod of dolphins when you are on a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board?

Last summer at ZEN SUP we had two overwhelming encounters with these amazing creatures at Praia de Trafal near Quarteira. On the second occasion two very lucky SUP students were just after their first lesson when the dolphins magically appeared. They were so close you could almost touch them. To see how effortlessly they move through the water and the air when they jump is mind boggling. It really is a once in a lifetime experience and one not forgotten easily.

Of course there can be no guarantee that you will meet with the dolphins on your visit to ZEN SUP but what a great surprise it would be if you did meet them.

So take your chance to meet the dolphins and learn the amazing sport of Stand Up Paddle at the same time.

DSC_0044 DSC_0032 IMG_0381DSC_0047

See you in Quarteira, Algarve, Portugal.

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