To coincide with Earth Day and the Limpezas da Praias organized by Muicipio de Faro here in the Algarve the ZEN SUP Team came out in force again to do their Clean Beach Campaign on the Ria Formosa.

With 9 members in total, 7 adults and 2 kids; Rose Luna and Giovanni, and of course the infamous SUP dog, Luna, everybody set off with great enthusiasm despite the blustery wind conditions on the Ria.

After approximately 90 minutes of a search and collect mission the team had filled in excess of 20 large sacks of all kinds of plastic debris from the beaches and sand dunes of the Nature Reserve. Also discovered there were remains of plastic and metal chairs, shovels, oil drums and in excess of 40 glass bottles.

This occasion marked the second outing of the team on their Clean Beach Mission. Although some of the faces have changed the team's focus remained resolute in terms of reaching their goal of removing as much plastic refuse as possible from the environs of this natural treasure.

ZEN SUP would like to thank everyone involved in this ongoing effort of keeping our beaches clear and little free. Special thanks to Heike, Ellen, Karen, Rose Luna, Giovanni, Roger, Brian and Barre.

Will you join us next time when the ZEN SUP Team paddles their way to cleaner beaches?

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