One of my cherished memories of arriving in the Algarve back in 1987 was the sighting of dolphins off the coast. The majesty and the wonder of these very special creatures really touches something very deep in the heart of every person who has the opportunity to experience them, especially in their natural environment.

On the 21st August we had the opportunity to SUP for several hours and over several kilometres in the company of four of these wonderful creatures.

The power, the grace and the effortless ease with which they moved through the water was awe inspiring and took us all on a magical journey of adventure
away from our normal world of SUP teaching. For all those endless moment of paddling we were captivated by the playful activity of the dolphins and their willingness to allow us to remain so close as they made their way eastwards along the Algarve coast. This despite the fact that a mother was accompanied by her young, who always swam close to her side.

Swimming less than 200 meters from the coast they attracted much attention from the beach goers that day and several of the life guard attendants swamfrom shore to share in the magic of this very special visit from these very special visitors.

And not enough, we met even more dolphins at the 5st of September and paddled even closer to them - in company with two overwhelmed students, direct after their first SUP lesson.

Next time you’re in the Algarve why not take the chance of having your own encounter with some of the most amazingly beautiful creatures known to humankind.

Join us at ZEN SUP and learn to Stand Up Paddle or take a tour with us on the waters of the Algarve.

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