Dolphin Watching Part II 2016

Life is made up of precious moments and at ZEN SUP some of our most magical moments have been on those occasions when we have met with our special dolphin friends at our beach base of Trafal.

With the weather so changeable recently we had been postponing taking up permanent residency at the beach for the summer. When finally we decided to do so last Saturday little did we know that on our first official day at the beach would be marked with such a timely and auspicious encounter with our playful friends.

In the ZEN tradition they speak about "beginners mind", a teaching that urges the student to always approach their practice with a fresh new mind, as if meditating for the first time.

So too is it with our meetings with the dolphins. Each time we come into contact with them the experience is always so new, so fresh, so inspiring for us. It lifts to a new level of joy and excitement that is really hard to describe.

At ZEN SUP this summer there will be some very lucky students that will have the great fortune to meet with these loving and life transforming creatures while learning to Stand Up Paddle with us.

Will you be one of those lucky Stand Up Paddle students?

Join us at ZEN SUP and have the experience of a lifetime!

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