Blueberry Full Moon with ZEN SUP

Special moments in life are created when we surrender ourselves to the unknown and to the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world.

At ZEN SUP we like to think that our events leave a very subtle yet powerful imprint  on the mind and heart of our clients that will last a lifetime.

Our ZEN SUP sunsets are legendary. Where we bear witness to the total aliveness of day giving way to the full dark mysteriousness of the night.

Fast becoming legendary also is our Full Moon Tour. Inspired by the poem The Silvery Goddess and led by Heike Flohr, our leading instructor, this tour will capture your imagination like no other.

The experience of being on the water and paddling into the darkness of night, surrendering to the unknown and being open to the magic that lies in those mystical hours of slumber, while many people begin the process of "turning in" for the night, will surely ignite within you a fire that can illuminate the night sky.

On our recent Full Moon Tour, on the 7th August 2017, what we did not know as we went out into the night was that we would be SUPing under a partial lunar eclipse. We were on our way, red sunset skies to our backs over Quinta do Lago, when the moon appeared above us through a misty bed of broken cloud. Magical and majestic as ever but yet there was something different to behold on this night on the Ria Formosa.

We remained spellbound for over 90 minutes by the splendour of the Silvery Goddess that seems to just hang effortlessly in the sky above us. While casting a shimmering path of white moonlight across the waters to guide us safely to our destination. This Blueberry Moon truly left an indelible impression on our hearts that will surely inspire all of us to want to adventure further into the mysterious world of SUP by Night.

A very special thanks to all  who participated in this recent tour and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

For details of our upcoming full moon tours and other activities please follow us on FB, Twitter, Linked In or through our website. You can also email us at or call direct on 00 351 936 735 778

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