1st Wind@ZEN SUP

“Crossing Over” was never something we thought we would be doing at ZEN SUP. However thanks to those innovative guys at Naish and to the evolution of inflatable SUP board materials all became possible.

In the summer of 2015 the Naish Mana 9´10” Crossover arrived at ZEN SUP, two of them to be exact. And what a welcome treat it has been to be able to take them out for the occasional play around in light winds.

They will never handle like a real windsurfer, nor will they ever be able to handle the higher wind categories. But in flat sea conditions and a light breeze they are ideal for giving a rest to the paddle and giving the workout to the wind and sail.

Pictured here are Roger and John from the ZEN SUP Team having fun on the two Naish Crossovers at Praia de Loule Velho.

If you fancy a bit of “Crossing Over” yourself, why not visit us at: www.zen-sup.com

DSC_0002 IMG_1668 IMG_1618 IMG_1655


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